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Bode 100 - Vector Network Analyzer
DSH 100 - Dielectric Sample holder
PML 111O Passive 10:1 Probe
Sale price$230.-
PML 111O Passive 10:1 Probe
PHV 1000-O Passive 100:1 Probe
TT-SX 9001 Active Differential Probe
B-SMC - Impedance Adapter for surface mounted components
B-WIC - Impedance Adapter for wired components
B-WIT 100 Wideband Injection Transformer
B-LFT 100 Low-Frequency Injection Transformer
B-LCM Low Frequency Common Mode Choke
B-AMP 12 External Power Amplifier
Carry Case for Bode 100 / 500
B-RFID-C test fixture for Class 6 cards
B-RFID-B test fixture for Class 3 cards
B-RFID-A test fixture for Class 1 cards
B-RFID Test Fixture Set
Sale price$330.-
B-RFID Test Fixture Set
B-RMK-10 Rack Mount Kit
Sale price$210.-
B-RMK-10 Rack Mount Kit
B-CAL-3 Calibration Board Set
Adapter Cable - Triaxial to BNC
Picotest INJB01 Injector Bundle #1
Picotest INJB02 Injector Bundle #2
Picotest INJB03 Injector Bundle #3
Picotest INJB05 Injector Bundle #5